Club Run 24th February 2019

Sunday 24th saw our first club run for 2019. The weather was lovely if a tad chilly, and the turnout was fantastic for this time of year. Some eejit(1) had managed to mess up the details of where we were headed(2) when they were sent out, but that didn’t seem to have put anyone off. I counted 20 bikes at the start. Colin & Ralph counted 21. An independent inquiry is in progress as we speak.

We left Tesco Extra in Inverness and headed over to Fort George to regroup. This was followed by a tour of the labyrinth of roads which criss-cross Ardersier, Cawdor and Culloden, stopping at Clava Cairns to soak up a bit of historical culture and admire the view of the viaduct. After a chance to chat, smoke and stretch our legs it was decided that it was beyond time for lunch (and a loo), so we made tracks for The Dairy at Daviot. After we had eaten, most of us headed home, but a few of the braver souls decided to make the most of the day and headed off to Cairngorm.

I headed home for warmth and rugby.

  1. Me.
  2. I stated that we were headed to Ardersier and whilst that was true, it was not our ultimate destination.